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        Address:China Shenzhen

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         Brief introduction to Shenzhen Feiyue Switch Equipment Co., Ltd.

             Shenzhen Feiyue Switch Equipment Co., Ltd. is one of the first batch of enterprises specialized in independent research & development, manufacturing and production of ring network power distribution equipment in China, and its products such as switching station, ring main unit and cable distribution cabinet have been used and operated considerably, widely and stably, such as State Grid Corporation of China, China Southern Power Grid Co., Ltd., and the subordinate provincial and municipal electric power companies, power plants, wind power system, railway & aviation system, petrochemical system, coal system, etc.

             We have advanced and professional production, quality detection and scientific research & development equipment. The flexible assemble production line has been researched and developed by us independently through combining with the advanced production technologies of the industry of the same kind in the world. Besides, full-automatic laser cutting machine tool, numerical control sheet metal processing center, full-automatic welding manipulator and SF6 gas automatic maintenance equipment have been introduced; the use of CAD and CAM technologies effectively guarantee the high quality and high reliability of the 12KV series ring network switch cabinet produced by us.

             We are the first in China to research and develop the numerical control vacuum pumping and charging & releasing helium leak detection equipment which has reached the most advanced testing standard for the products of the same kind in Europe; the equipment adopts INFICON LDS3000 module-type leak detector, vacuum gauge and standard leak imported from Germany, Germany’s LEYBOLD vacuum pump and IPC; as a result, leak detection of GIS and SF6 charging can be automatically performed, and daily and yearly leakage rate of each product can be recorded for filing, and inspection report can be printed at the same time, so as to avoid major safety hidden dangers such as air leakage caused by missing judgment of leakage point due to subjective misjudgment. In addition, the use of the system greatly improves the production efficiency of the GIS, guarantees the sealing performance of the product, and effectively ensures the product quality.

             We have high-quality management team, high-level technological development personnel and plenty of skilled workers. We positively absorb the advanced management experience and manufacturing technologies of foreign owned enterprises, combine with Chinese native culture and market characteristics, and devote ourselves to building a high-quality modern enterprise. Our management system is in compliance with the requirements of GB/T19001-2000 idt ISO 9001:2000 standard, and all our products have passed the type test of Xi’an High Voltage Apparatus Research Institute Co., Ltd.

             Our annual output of switch cabinets exceeds 10,000 and according to the data in the Yearbook of High-voltage Electric Power Industry of China of the last three years, the output of our switch cabinets ranks in the forefront among the manufacturers in the same industry of China for the three consecutive years.We have built an after-sales service team composed of a batch of experienced field engineers and senior technicians who are able to rush to the site as quick as possible whenever problem occurs for repair and replacement. Solemn commitment to users of domestic electric power departments: The shelf life and maintenance-free period of the product are 2 and 10 years, and 20-year reliable operation under normal service conditions can be guaranteed; in case of any quality problems of the product, we will dispatch relevant personnel for handling in 2~3h and guarantee the customer satisfaction. We are willing to cooperate sincerely with you with high-quality products, reasonable price and warm service!